I have owned many motorcycles. I grew up riding in England where I owned Norton Commandos and Triumph Bonnevilles, BSA and all other types. I have since emigrated to the USA and I now live in Colorado near the Rockies where I ride across the local mountains on a regular basis.

I currently own 4 motorcycles:

  • Norton Commando 850 MK3 ground up restoration 2013-2015
  • Norton Commando 750 ground up restoration 2015
  • Harley Davidson Ultra Classic 2018
  • 1961 BSA Super Rocket (in restoration process)

1975 Norton Commando 850 MK3

Norton Commando MK3

I built my MK3 to perform and keep up with modern traffic. It now has about 10,000 miles on it (September 2016) and I have only had a few minor problems. This bike has plenty of low end power and performs very well. I ride it often.

I have built an extensive database that includes all receipts over $1 during this rebuild. Click here for more details about this bike rebuild.

1971 Norton Commando 750

1971 Norton 750 Commando by Jeremy Doe

I love riding my 750 Commando across the mountains. With the 19 inch rear wheel it handles very well. When I ride with friends on modern bikes they are surprised how fast this bike is. Its not as comfortable as the 850 Commando and it is not as good around town, but it is definitely more fun.

For more details about this bike look here: 1971 Norton Commando 750 Rebuild

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