Norton Commando

Approx 25 years ago I built this website about the Norton Commando Motorcycle. Rebuilding and riding Norton Commandos has become an obsession, so when I was learning web development a site about the Norton Commando was the obvious choice.

In the 1990’s I started a Norton Commando Forum here at To my surprise the Norton Commando Forum became very popular and it still is. I moved the Norton Forum to its new domain  in 1999 ( A lot of effort goes into keeping the forum and its server running. Les has been the forum moderator for more years than I can remember and I am very thankful for his help.

The new website includes info about my bikes. To see more about my Norton and other motorcycles look here:

Here you can also find info about my other hobbies including photography as well as more about my passion for the Norton Classic Motorcycles.

Here are my dogs. Lucy, Sophie & Cassie (R.I.P Cassie).

Lucy Sophie Cassie