The Vintage Vendor – Brent Budgor

I wanted to say a big thanks to Brent Budgor from “The Vintage Vendor” by writing this blog about his work.
Brent Budgor Classic Motorcycle Painter

Brent has painted the tanks and side panels on several Nortons for me and each time it is perfect. I know Brent has painted quite a few Access Norton Forum members bikes and I have never heard of any bad complaints, only praises. Most recently, Brent painted my black and silver 750 Commando with the “D” on the tank. I have some photos of the process that was used and will get into that further down the blog. Brent also painted my MK3. My MK3 was originally JPN colours, but I decided to change it to Jaguar metal flake green.

Norton Commando Painting

A long time ago (I think more than 10 years) I really needed my interstate tank painted. I had no money. I am an experienced web designer and programmer. I figured I might be able to find a painter in my local classifieds, who would paint my bike in exchange for a website. I saw an ad in the local PennySaver without a website and called Brent. It turned out he had recently moved from California to Vermont. We did the deal and I shipped my interstate tank to Brent. Within a few weeks my tank arrived back and I was very impressed. That was the beginning of it! Since then I have referred his work to many friends, with happy outcomes.

Brent took photos of the prepping painting and painting of my 750 Commando, so I made a slide show of the process:

Here are a few photos my MK3 that Brent painted:

Norton JPN Paint by Brent Budgor
Norton Jaguar Metallic Green by Brent Budgor

If you need to contact Brent either for a proposal or any other reason, please contact him through his website here:

Or call Brent directly: (802) 839-9439