R.I.P Robert Doe (Dad)

Robert H Doe February 1939 to June 2020

June 2020 was not the best Month for me and our family. My dad became very ill back in my homeland (England). He ended up in Ipswitch hospital with a terrible cough. We were worried it was covid. My poor step-mum was not allowed to be with him due to covid, until the end. It turned out to be a very aggressive cancer in his pancreas and it took 1 week. Prior to that my dad knew something was up and called my sister, brother and I to say goodbye. I had a hard time dealing with that, his last words to me were “Go and Have Fun”. The hospital called my step-mum and she was allowed to be with him and they spent 15 mins together. He died in her arms. I was able to get on a flight and I got there the day after he died, a big worry traveling with covid. None of us were ready for it, so very devastating.

I am now back in Colorado and its been a Month since he passed away. I am back here, done my quarantine and did not get sick. We are working through it.

Normally I don’t post this kind of personal stuff,¬† but since I happen to have a blog here, lets turn it into a positive thing somehow. My dad had a great life. We were very close and always got along very well. He was a very respected man and everyone who knew him, loved him. He lived a full life until the age of 81. It could have dragged on a lot more in the hospital, so he did not suffer too long at least. Miss you dad…

It was what he told me when he called to say goodbye¬† “Go and Have Fun“. I think that is very good advice for me and everyone. RIP dad, love you

Go Have Fun