Peter The Prong Horn Deer

We moved to South Aurora near Denver Colorado just over a year ago from California. In the short time we have been here in Colorado, we have become very attached to the wild life. Upon arrival at our new house there were plans to build behind our house, but we have a 100ft green belt behind us.

During 2018, the first 6 months and into the winter we have seen loads of Mule Deer and Prong Horn Deer walking past the back of our house. There has been one deer in particular. A Prong Horn stag. He arrived around January 2019. A solitary Prong Horn deer. We named him “Peter” the Prong horn.

Prong Horn Deer Colorado

We have seen Peter weather and survive the great Bomb Cyclone of 2018 with temps falling below 15 degrees F for days on end. He somehow made it through the terrible winter of 2018/19.

Prong Horn Deer Colorado

Prong Horn Deer - Peter

Everyday when I opened the blinds Peter was there, out back grazing and not bothering anyone. Sometimes he would have friends with him, but he was nearly always alone. A solitary Prong Horn.

As 2019 rolled on, builders started building a new community near us, behind our house and behind the 100ft open area. The contractors clearly did not care about Peter or anything except timelines and commitments. I could see them building drainage, foot paths and grading with no respect to Peter or other wild life.

As 2019 wore on builders gradually started trapping Peter in this green belt area (approx. 100ft x 1 quarter mile) with no way he could get out. He didn’t seem to mind as there was plenty to eat. He seemed a bit lonely though as when other deer came in, even mule deer he just wanted to be friends.

As the contractors started building more houses, I could see Peter get spooked every now and then, when a nail gun fired, compressor started up or a huge earth moving caterpillar got close. He was fast and simply ran to a new spot where it was peaceful. He was tough but was running out of space.

My concern was how they were building all around Peter and how he could get away from this. Well he disappeared late September and I was so happy that he was able to get away. I had thoughts that he had found a big open area and some other prong horns and was happy.

The building contractor closed off some roads and forced all traffic to go down “Inspiration” lane. It became a very busy road.

Argh, it’s a mess though. My wife ad I saw Peter had been hit and was dead on the side of Inspiration Rd. I suppose I am a hypocrite as we moved here and are probably part of the problem.

Anyway, this blog is for Peter. Although Peter is gone, I think that the general consensus here is that they breed a lot and as a race they will be ok, the Prong Horns that is. It still upsets me to see he died because of our greed. Every Month I see dead deer on the side of the road, usually baby deer.

It’s a bit sad. Life goes on. The least I can do is write a blog about it!

So, this blog is for Peter. RIP Peter. We miss you!